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—  Libations  —

Please ask our sommelier about wine pairings


Dovetails $14

—  Signature G & T  —

BVI Gin, Orange Oleo & Grapefruit Sherbet, All Spice Berries, Hibiscus or Edible Flowers, Fresh Tarragon, Top with Tonic

—  Sesame Aku Aku  —
Ager Rum, Peach Liqueur, Orgeat, Lime, Cucumber, Pineapple, Sesame Seeds

—  Pain Killer Negroni  —

Coconut Washed Campari, Pineapple Infused Rum, Rosso Vermouth

—  Melon Club  —

White Rum, Aperol, Lychee Syrup, Lime, Watermelon Juice & Watermelon Bacon

—  It Takes Passion  —

St. Germain, Vanilla Infused Gin, Passionfruit, Earl Grey, Syrup, Served With a Side Shot of Prosecco Pallet Cleanser

—  Chilli Paloma  —

Blanco Tequila, Chipotle Rosso, Fresh Lime, Grapefruit Sherbet, Jalapeño Shrub, Soda, Cumin Chili Salt Wall

—  Bokor Juju  — 

Kraken Rum, Mount Gay, Crèpe de Banana, House Made Falernum, Lime, Pineapple, Passionfruit, Bitters

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Digestifs $14

—  Wize Traveller  —

Campari, Italian Vermouth, Chamomile & Grapefruit Oleo Saccrum, Grapefruit Zest

—  Milano Spritz  —

Campari, Prosecco, Club Soda

—  Electric Daisy  —

Strawberry Cordial, Cognac, Aperol, Fresh Lemon, La Rose Sparkling, Absinth Wash & Citrus Dust

—  Blooms in Booze  —

St. Germain/Rooibos Infused Gin, Prosecco, Club Soda


Aperitifs $14

—  Spiked Horchata  —

Aged Rum, Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate & House Made Horchata

—  Rum Old Fashion —

Plantation, Ron Zacapa, Appleton, Chocolate, Cinnamon Bitters, Port, Orange Zest, Hint of Chili

—  Patriota  —

White Rum, Fernet Branca, Crème de Cacao, Fresh Espresso, Garnished with Mint


Dove_logo_canvas 6x.jpg